Offsite Document Storage in Tonbridge

Chatham Vans

Why pick a managed storage solution?

Our comprehensive records management solutions cover every aspect of your document lifecycle with high-quality services, including document storage, scanning, and confidential shredding. Experience the convenience of next-day retrievals delivered during a time-slot of your choice, and enjoy a hassle-free initial collection with no hidden charges such as congestion fees.

Don't let the challenges of managing records slow down your business.

Misplaced documents can cause costly delays, and even worse, lost information. Partner with Chatham Archive to streamline your document management, reduce costs, and improve office workflow.

One of the key features of our record management system is our RFID barcode tracking system. This technology allows us to accurately track and manage records at all stages of their life cycle, from creation to disposal. With our RFID tracking system, you can have peace of mind knowing that your records are always accounted for and secure.

Next-Day Physical Retrieval

Our archives retrieval service provides fast, reliable, and secure physical retrieval of your critical records. With our next-day service, your records will be delivered to you within a 2-hour window, without any hidden charges for petrol, traffic, or administration.

Shredding Bin
Free Setup & Shredding

With new fines for malpractice of information retention it is vital that you properly dispose of redundant documents. We shred and pulp confidential documents - minimising exposure to fines. With free initial barcodes, collection and setup your data is secured at the lowest expense.

Efficient and Secure Records Management in Tonbridge: Your Documents in Safe Hands