About Chatham Archive

Chatham Archive provides a range of document storage and records management services for London and the South. We can deliver material to your London offices within 3 hours.

Chatham Archive Team We specialise in providing offsite storage services to some of the UK’s most well known brands. Based in London and Kent Area, we have over 25 years experience delivering a premium storage service to UK businesses. Our ethos is to meet our client’s expectations 100% of the time.
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Why store with us?

At Chatham Archive, we work alongside our clients to develop a bespoke solution that is tailored to meet a businesses needs on a case by case basis. Encouraging best practices along with ensuring economic savings for our clients is what we are well known for.

Whatever your specific offsite document storage requirements, we will provide you with a complete business case focusing on how we can improve your current records management function. This will outline a detailed cost analysis of the savings we can make for your company to accompany the comprehensive business solution.

Facilities – Safe, Secure Archive Storage

24-hour Security
The archive is protected internally by state of the art zoned alarm system and on site security security. These alarms are connected via a digital dial to a control centre that would immediately alert our on site security and duty manager should the alarm be triggered. The Company’s CCTV system combined with external trigger alarms provide external protection.

Fire protection
Our state of the art fire detection system are linked to an industry leading control centre ensuring that our clients receive the best in security and fire detection within the industry. Out of office hours, the facility is electrically inert apart from fire and burglar alarm systems. Additionally, people and archive boxes are not permitted in the archive with smoking or inflammable materials. The 120,000+ sq ft facility is located in the Historic Dockyard. Its atmosphere is stable, at a cool temperature and has low relative humidity.

Dedicated Staff
The Company has little staff turnover. All customers have dedicated staff tending their archive. The warehouse manager and these people are those with whom customers have day-to-day contact and who are able to answer all queries.

Features of our offsite storage service

At Chatham Archive we have an active and bustling team of professionals working behind the scenes to consistently meet your document archiving and retrieval requirements. Our employees are fully vetted and hold many years of relevant experience.


  • Excellent locations
  • Self contained
  • Gated compounds
  • Completely secure
  • Good vehicle access


  • Good access to major road systems
  • 24 hour manned on site security
  • Intruder Detection Systems
  • Full Fire Protection Facilities
  • Digital CCTV Coverage