Secure Archiving

Stress-free archiving in secure storage centres. Free collection and setup.

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Reduce in-house storage costs, improve workflow and remain compliant with our secure offsite archiving services. We make your file backup needs effortless – free barcode tracking, online management and next-day deliveries come as standard with Chatham Archive. Storing your files in one of our secure archiving facilities ensures that you meet data protection regulations at the lowest cost to your business.

Business Archiving Made Easy

When you partner with us you can expect a premium archive storage solution tailored to your business sector, your employees, and your own personal needs.

Next-day Archive Retrieval

Next-Day Physical Retrieval

There’s no need to worry about the accessibility of your archives with our next-day physical retrieval service. We manage a fleet of Chatham Archive vans and have vetted drivers on standby for your critical emergency retrieval needs.
All of our vans are GPS tracked and internally locked. We can deliver your files to you within a 2-hour window and we won’t ‘nickel and dime’ any hidden charges for petrol, traffic or administration.

Secure Shredding London Battersea

Shredding Service

Free yourself from data protection breaches and hefty fines of up to £500,000 by using our confidential shredding service.
We dispose of your business archives when you place the request – free of charge if you’ve stored them with us for more than 6 years. No additional hidden fees. No penalties. Plus, you can securely dispose of your day-to-day office waste with our eco-friendly shredding containers and collection service.

Online Archiving Software

Online Archive Management

Manage your archives throughout their entire lifecycle, from initial collections, to ongoing retrievals, storage and final destruction.
Our software will alert you when a record has passed the legally recommended retention period, meaning you can efficiently reduce your archives over time.
Implement a customised online solution to manage your archives, rather than working with multiple spreadsheets.

Do you need to destroy all of your outdated records? Or do you need be able to retrieve individual files rather than boxes? Perform a document and file audit with Chatham Archive, meaning your team can continue focusing on their day-to-day tasks and the important matters at hand.

With SDM you can improve your entire organisation’s document workflow, increasing efficiency and making your role less stressful. We assess what business objectives you wish to achieve and come back to you with the best possible archive management solution.

Reduce your existing offsite archiving and records management costs by, on average, 40% per annum. There are files in your office that you might have to archive permanently. Our cost-effect archive storage centre is perfect for these needs.

Rather than allowing files to take up valuable space in your office you should store your archives in a specialist offsite facility. All our storage centres are located close to main roads, enabling us to minimise the time it takes to retrieve a physical record.

At Chatham Archive all archives stored with us are located in one of our secure Chatham Docks based facilities. All of our archive storage facilities boast fire and flood prevention, access control and direct links to emergency services.

With 24-hour security, video surveillance, perimeter gating and links to emergency services, our facilities are the best possible place that you can store your archives. As a specialist archive storage provider, we offer a much higher care of duty than simply storing onsite.

Straightforward Pricing

We always strive to deliver transparent pricing which is why you will never receive any concealed surcharges or confusing invoices from us. We are dedicated to reducing your in-house archiving costs, regardless of whether you store a dozen, or tens of thousands of archive boxes with us.

Get An Archive Storage Quote

Don’t just take our word for it; contact Chatham Archive today for a no-obligation cost-analysis from an archiving professional. We will provide clear monthly storage costs, whatever your requirement. Free uplift for London-based companies with less than 100 archive boxes.