At Chatham Archive we are committed not only to providing the most cost-effective, premium document storage solutions in the UK, but also to increasing customer awareness of the industry. Through this records management resources section we aim to highlight and answer some of the common questions that newcomers to the practice might encounter. Here you can find information relating to our own document storage services and best practices of effective records management.

Further Records Management Links

  • For useful measurements and dimensions for our archive boxes please see our box size guide.

Archiving Assistance

We are more than happy to put our records management expertise into practice by acting as archiving consultants for any ongoing offsite document storage projects. Our goal is to ensure that all organisations seek the best possible storage deals. Please use the menu in the footer below to navigate this records management resources section. Also keep in mind that we are always happy to speak directly to assist you with any queries. Feel free to drop us an email and we will get back to you today.