Facilities – Safe, Secure Archive Storage

24-hour Security

The archive is protected internally by security alarms conforming to BS 4737. These alarms are connected via a digital dial to a control centre that would immediately alert the police and our duty manager should the alarm be triggered. The Company’s CCTV system combined with external trigger alarms provide external protection.

Fire protection

Fire detection equipment conforming to BS 5839 protects the archive. Out of office hours, the facility is electrically inert apart from fire and burglar alarm systems. Additionally, people and archive boxes are not permitted in the archive with smoking or inflammable materials.


The 190,000 sq ft facilities are in two large buildings. Its atmosphere in thus very stable, at a cool temperature and has low relative humidity.

Dedicated Staff

The Company has little staff turnover. All customers have dedicated staff tending their archive. The warehouse manager and these people are those with whom customers have day-to-day contact and who are able to answer all queries.