Archive and Document Storage

The Company provides a high security, low cost document storage service for businesses in central London, the City, the south east of Greater London and Kent with emergency and daily routine retrieval services.

Archive Storage Boxes

Customers’ archives normally will be stored on racks, three boxes high in a variety of archive box sizes which we can supply:

Standard Archive Box

15″x11″x10″ (355x280x 254mm).

Used for storage of A4 files when you need a low archive box weight.

Medium archive box

15″x14″x10″ (285x330x254mm)

Used for storage of A4 files when you need a medium archive box weight.

Large archive box

16″x13″x13″ (407x 330x330mm).

Used for storage of arch lever files.

Data archive box

18″x15″x10″ (456x375x259mm).

Used for storage of A4 files and/or arch lever files. When full, these archive boxes can be heavy.

Customers can also supply their own archive storage boxes.

“Service, service, service, that’s our aim 24/7”

Mark Crofts

Archive Manager